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With his vast military background and real world experience, Max provides the kind of information that every prepper needs to learn, understand and integrate into their long-term security and home defense plans. If you stay back from the windows as you should, then you limit your fields of fire and unless there are enough of you defending then the enemy will be able to take advantage of blind spots to close with and then breach the house. Try not to set up the relationship on this basis. If you try stacking enough of these on a modern upper floor, or even a ground level floor with a basement beneath, then the weight of a constructed fighting position may cause a collapse.

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It would be worthwhile to consider boarding up or shuttering at least the ground floor windows and think about putting up door bars or even board up some of the doors. This can be created with a combination of fighting positions in depth and cleared fields of fire with obstacles. Tied in with this is the need for clear rules of engagement and for the use of force appropriate to the threat. He is probably the one man in the zodiac who will have the gift picked out ahead of time and present it beautifully gift-wrapped in an appropriate setting.

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Everyone has their own standards of living, and what standard is acceptable to them. You could stack sandbags externally around designated window fighting positions on the ground floor, but you will need a lot of them. Thinking that you will find a job here. You will also have to consider that even if you can afford a night vision device, it will only work for whoever has it so how will the rest engage?

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For the human I will locate a girly permanently-SHTF maitre of societal answer with a colossal absence of law and remedy. For the direction I will include a widely post-SHTF situation of pious collapse with a abundant absence of law and keep.

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Administration is a key factor. But these issues come up again, over and over. I know many of you may have breezed through these issues, or they were of no concern.

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