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Shaum said he has yet to read the pre-sentencing report or the results of the psychosexual exam, so he hasn't determined Washington County's sentencing recommendation. Andersen's husband Jason is the assistant football coach for the Darby Tigers. Darby school officials and the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office are aware of the pleas and are looking further into the case to see whether any action is required here.

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Hoffman said he appreciates that because his job is to protect defendants' rights as much as those of the community. Want to check lawyer discipline? To schedule a meeting for a free consultation at the St.

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Some Darby residents voiced concern about her helping with football team workouts. He was also placed on the sex offenders register for life. But in this case, he was somewhat blindsided. Follow these step by step details on how to get your unit appraised and listed for sale at St.

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