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The hidden trauma of being torn during childbirth - BBC News

Painful sex after fourth degree tear. How Long To Heal From Episiotomy?

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Illustration by GGS Inc. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


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That said, there are some cases where episiotomies are done, including if your baby is in an abnormal position, if she needs to be delivered quickly or if it appears likely that there will be extensive vaginal tearing. Cleansing pads soaked in witch hazel such as the brand Tucks are very effective for soothing and cleaning the perineum. Share or comment on this article:

The history of episiotomies, from popular to discouraged

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Slowed, spontaneous pushing during the second stage of labor when the mother gets the urge to push may allow the tissues to stretch rather than tear. I had a 2nd degree tear with my baby 9 months ago. But starting in the s, high-quality research on episiotomies was released, demonstrating that routine episiotomies cause the very issues they were thought to prevent, leaving many women with more severe tissue trauma and other negative long-term outcomes, including painful intercourse. You can ask your gynecologist whether he or she does such repairs or whether you can be referred to a gynecologist who does.


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