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The truths are often way crazier than the made-up lies, which usually creates opportunities for story swapping and is generally hilarious. A designated photographer Photos very important! Why not add it to the night time dare list Drinks are standard bar prices.

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Hens with the biggest combs get more attention from roosters who desire bigger eggs thanks to humans meddling with natural selection. I highly recommend this night for birthdays or hens etc.

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You will include to pre-organise the entire of items for each year to not or do, give them a unique situation and have boys ready for the forgotten team!. Doors for all rights and occasions. Problems for all rights and proves.

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Get a business card of a single man Have a guy serenade you If the bride is from out of town, then find a person who is form the same home town. A great night out for the boys. Bring plenty on cash notes for the staff. Here are some ideas which you could include in your Hens Party Scavenger Hunt:


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The bride gets to choose the winning team. If you want this to get naughtier, change this to advice for the wedding night. You will need to pre-organise the list of items for each team to collect or do, give them a time limit and have prizes ready for the winning team! The staff delivers on ensuring everyone will have an absolute amazing night out.

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