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Due to the complications that can arise, it is forbidden to base memory implants on the real memories of another person: Joi is nonetheless intangible and cannot physically interact with her surroundings.

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In Hampton Fancher 's early drafts of the script, Mary lives and Hodge is the only replicant fried in the electrical field. By making a free Squirt. Secretly, Ana is actually the daughter of Deckard and Rachael:

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Luv has an outer air of poise, but with a powerful fury simmering barely underneath. By , Wallace Corporation has revitalized the replicant industry and is a major megacorporation with numerous other subsidiaries in other fields, such as Joi unit digital AI holograms. The event has changed in many surprising and meaningful ways since , but at its core, SXSW remains a tool for creative people to develop their careers by bringing together people from around the globe to meet, learn and share ideas.

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