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Charlene- I had discovered too much racism, sexism, and dishonesty to remain in the Church after attending BYU for 2 years mid '90's , but I didn't officially resign because I had a brother on a mission and I wanted to still have contact with him. My neighbors luckily know that we are not to be bothered and we are pretty out spoken about "you keep your views, let us keep ours". Jay Crosby, excommunicated in for apostasy and teaching doctrines contrary to the Mormon Church. She told me that franky needed to figure his life out and he wouldn't be getting anymore letters from me.


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His parents burnt all the letters and photos I sent him after he called me. He has been put in a position that he never should have been put in. I said I would contact every media outlet I could and hire an attorney. Basically the church keeps track of every one of us ex-Mormons I wonder if I can call myself that since by the grace of God, it turns out that I wasn't a Mormon in the first place

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There was no alphabet during the time period of the Bible or Book of Mormon for any of the names, items or situations. My parents never told me about birth control. They won't consider him removed until he talks with some bishop here in California, and the bishop isn't contacting us.


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