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Eight Crazy Dates - Episode 7 - "Love Stings" (Hanukkah)

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Vicky's hair then caught fire she had hidden the cigarette in her hair which made the coach very worried. However, they then discover she is not really dead and he begs them to "take her anyway".

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Word of God confirms that the first Terra from Teen Titans was shown in a sexual relationship with villain Slade Wilson specifically to emphasize how evil she was by showing what a slut she was, despite there being no evidence that she ever slept with anyone else. When the friend calls him out for screaming at the roommate, he points the gun at her and tells her to "Shut your fat ass, Rayvie! Kieron Gillen addressed the thing on his Tumblr and made it clear that not only he disagrees with this line of thinking, but it personally offends him.

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The coach appears to be very caring for Vicky though Vicky reacts by telling her to 'get off me you dirty lezzer'. She then increases Vicky's sentence by another 6 months, mentioning that she was due to be released the next day.


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