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I gave them up forever after being left with an extremely painful and long-lasting giant telltale scab on more than one occasion. If you just want the basics, you can buy a torso mannequin. Few people are actually responsible enough to pull this off though.

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Reply becca October 8, , 1: Reply Mari October 7, , 2: I work for the government and can confirm that public opinion is a huge influence on policy. Though modern culture often associates moustaches with men of the Victorian Era, Susan Walton shows that at the start of the Victorian Era facial hair was "viewed with distaste" and that the moustache was considered the mark of an artist or revolutionary, both of which remained on the social fringe at the time.


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His talent for playing establishment figures with a twist is helped by his background. Beyond that, I wrote a letter to both of my senators for the first time last week.

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