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Hot babes truly enjoy exposing their shapes. The provocative new movie "Thirteen," which was released this week, graphically depicts this trend. The year-old told her mother the day the bus returned April 22 about what happened on the trip to tour out-of-state colleges, but said she was afraid to report it to school officials.

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Thorough sex education still isn't the norm in most Western Pennsylvania schools or even around the country. The thought that they will become pregnant due to sexual activity is still pretty foreign to them, as opposed to older adolescents, who understand abstract concepts and how actions today can affect plans for the future.

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With the addition of alcohol, they are therefore not able to consent. This is how a great majority of the parties that I've been to this summer have started," said a North Allegheny student who graduated in June.

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But then if you have common sense like I do, you realize there's always going to be someone on your side," said Stephen Lucas, 15, a sophomore at Kiski Area High School. In the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy study, one-third of year-olds and about half of year-olds said they had been at a party with no adults in the house.

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